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A Little Bit about the Woods

Pro-core Veneer - to form a veneer core, three or more layers (plies) of wood veneers are pressed and glued to a form a uniform substrate under the veneer surface. This all hardwood core produces a strong panel where there are no voids in the core that might dent under the weight of a sewing machine or serger.

Rift veneers are produced most often in red and white oak. It is produced by cutting on the quarter, a log that shows growth rings. The rift veneer we use is sequence matched. This provides a beautiful wood grain design pattern on the surface.

ApplePly is a premium quality veneer core panel constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16" Alder & Birch. This all hardwood core produces a strong panel with a minimum number of voids and a naturally attractive edge.

All of the woods Unique Sewing Furniture use in manufacturing their products are obtained from eco-friendly sources that practice sustainable forestry.


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